Chozen Breed Motorcycle Riding Club 

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For information on how to become a member, please contact us. We will try and arrange a member in your area to meet with you. We can than talk about the Club.

If that member thinks you may be a good fit with the Club, then you will be referred/forward to a full member. Full Member will sponsor to start a trial membership. That sponsor will help answer questions and guide you through the trial membership period, until such a time as you are voted on.

If you are not voted in by a majority vote, you will be asked whether you would like to do. Continue your trial membership, decline your trial membership or you may be dismissed from trial membership (by the Club), if you are deemed NOT a good fit for the Club. If you are not close to a chapter or member ,then we can make alternate arrangements for your trial membership.

Thank you for your interest in Chozen Breed Motorcycle Riding Club. We consist of members from all walks of life. We are motorcycle enthusiasts world wide that all joined Chozen Breed MRC because of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood and for the love of motorcycles that we all share as a common bond. Below is a copy of our rules.

We do not keep any profits obtained from the patches or merchandise. We are an Alberta Canada registered non-profit club, we donate any excess funds to charity, no members receive any compensation.


Membership inquiries directed to:





We are a family of brotherhood and sisterhood, we respect all

motorcycle clubs for what they stand for so we would appreciate the

same in return and we are totally NON-PROFIT.




We are motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide who come together to

embrace Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Honor, Loyalty and most important





Members Handbook / Rules




1. Must own a bike. Must be an active rider. Trial memberships

will be accepted for new riders awaiting their motorcycle license but

must have a motorcycle license to become a full patch member.


 *No full patch member will be subject to termination

due to injury or damaged bike. If a member is an executive and they

lose thier license the chapter may put another member in that

position. However, a member may be asked to leave pending the

situation around the loss of license.




2. To change how we recruit new members there will be a screening

process by existing chapter executives as well as any proposed

recruits must be sponsored by a current full patch member.

A sponsor will be required to guide the recruit through the

process. There will be a trial membership period to

determine compatibility with the Club. If the recruit has been

personally referred by a member there will be a minimum 3

months before the Executives will look at offering the person up for

a vote and could be many more months depending on the recruits

interaction and commitment to the Club. If not personally referred by

a member then a minimum 6 month or longer period will

be required depending on the recruits interaction and commitment

to the Club. If the recruit is within a chapter, after the

minimum trial membership period which is determined by the

chapter Executives, the recruit will be put to a chapter vote. A

majority vote at the vote meeting is required to become a member. If

a recruit is outside of a chapter, they must participate when

possible in their local charity rides as well as have one on one

interaction with full patch member(s), after a period of time (3 for

referred, 6 months non referred or longer) determined by

the National President .


The trial

membership may be revoked by chapter executives  due to 

lack of interaction/participation in Club events/functions OR by

chapter executives determining that without question

the recruit will NOT be a good fit for the Club.




3. All members shall respect one another at all times. This

includes comments of a personal nature. No prejudice against the

brand of bike owned by a member or trial member, NO EXCEPTIONS.




4. Members shall respect ALL other clubs, NO EXCEPTIONS.




5. Membership will be considered to anyone male or female 18 years

of age or older. 




6. We are a government registered Non-Profit club, no money will

be used for any personal gains, no member will receive any





7. When wearing your vest with the Chozen Breed Insignia,

members MUST be RESPECTFUL in public.




8. To maintain a Chapter in your area, there must be at least 5

fully patched members.



9. All members organizing or attending a charity and or

fundraiser event must be active at the event and be respectful.




10. Chozen Breed Motorcycle Riding Club is based around the

enjoyment of motorcycle riding and brotherhood/sisterhood of

motorcycle enthusiasts.




11. Titles and Executive positions are completely voluntary.

Members will be approached by One of the First 7 or chapter President

about offering an executive position and its responsibilities.

Executive positions will be offered to those who earn it and do not

ask to hold an executive position. When there is enough people to

form a chapter in any given area, A President will be picked. That new President then can select his executives: Vice

President, Lieutenant, Road Captain and Tail-Gunner. The

responsibilities of these positions will be explained to the member

and can also be viewed in the Chozen Breed Hierarchy file. When an

executive leaves, the position will be filled by a choice of the

President, executives of the chapter may be consulted but ultimately

the President chooses his executives and their placement.


Note: Chapter President and executives take care of thier own 

chapter without interferance from other chapters/executives/members. Chapter President has the final

word on anything regarding their chapter.




12. No member’s personal and or private information shall be

released to anyone without that members permission.




13. Under no circumstances is a member to break the law while

wearing and or sporting Chozen Breed insignia and or patches/colors,

if found doing so membership may be terminated.



14. Chozen Breed will never request Club Dues and or Club fees

from its membership. One time charge for membership to the Club after

meeting the requirements of the trial membership period as per Rule

#2 ($20 for trial membership patch and then $280 for

vest set if voted in). The Club will then provide Club patches

only for the one time charge and a replacement fee of $200

(or less depending on what is needed) will be required to

replace lost or damaged Club patch sets.

Club patch sets distributed only through the Mother Chapter.

If a membership is withdrawn or terminated, that former member is to no

longer wear or use Chozen Breed MRC Club patches and must be

privately displayed only.




15. If an already patched member ( rider ) has a spouse who does

not ride but rides on their spouses bike and wishes to become a

patched member, may only do so on approval of that chapter or a First

7 member. If the case arises where the patched member is only a

passenger and the rider no longer can or will not have the passenger

on their bike then the passengers membership is suspended

until such a time as they can meet the conditions of membership as

stated above.




16. All personal issues are to be kept off the clubs pages.




17. Only posts relating to the club, club matters, and club pics

only to be posted. (all pages will be monitored). This includes all

NON Club related materials. No soliciting. No support pictures for

any Club is allowed, includes members/trial members profile pictures

as they do appear in our feed.




 18. Cannot be an active and or participating member of

another  Motorcycle Riding Club and or  Motorcycle Club.



19. Chapters wishing to add rules within their chapters must be

addressed to the National President for approval, chapters are not allowed to

make or have their own bylaws without permission.




20. Tag patches no longer issued for Recruits road name. Recruits

only to have the Octagon but no more road names for Recruits.

Recruits should only introduce themselves as 'recruit' to other

clubs. This is too keep us in check with how the 'big boys' do it.


21. Chapters to have a monthly mandatory members

meeting. Great time to discuss any and all things. We have

implemented a 3 strikes rule for missing a mandatory Club meeting.

Missing a meeting or 2 has to have a valid excuse such as scheduled

work or necessary family commitment. Missing 3 mandatory 

meetings in a row that member will get a talking to by exec(s).

FAMILY commitments and WORK reasons are acceptable, but within reason.

Staying home to watch the hockey game or whatever is not a valid

reason. The chapter execs may suspend a member for a period

of time (30 days or more) for blowing off meetings. That means no

patches worn for term of suspension for any reason, at request of the

chapter executives the members vest may be held.


22. In keeping with the 3 strikes rule we have implemented a

warning for club rule violations. A big one we have trouble with is

exessive stunting,  smokeshows, wheelies etc while in group ride

nights and riding in general WITH patches on. Everyone should ride

how they want but as our rules say though not while patches are on.

Law abiding. Our LT will talk to violaters for a 1st warning. 2nd

warning P or VP will have a chat with them. 3rd strike the

member may be suspended for 30, 60, 90 days depending on what

the issue is. That means no patches worn for term of suspension for

any reason, at request of the chapter executives the members vest may

be held. Public and police perception of our group is critical.


23. If the Club has not seen or heard from a member in 6

months then the Club is to assume that person is no longer wishing to

be a member of Chozen Breed MRC, membership may be terminated.


24. At no time does the P or VP go alone outside bars to vehicles

or for a smoke etc, EVER. The P and VP are most important. Advise

against any member also going alone, especially female

members. When the National President is visiting a chapter

his safety is that chapter Presidents responsibility.