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Thank you for your interest in Chozen Breed Motorcycle Riding Club. We consist of members from all walks of life. We are motorcycle enthusiasts world wide that all joined Chozen Breed MRC because of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood and for the love of motorcycles that we all share as a common bond. Below is a copy of our basic rules and club outline attached. If this is something you are really interested in respond back and I will then present you to our senior First 7 members (International) or chapter Executives (Local) for consideration in joining for a trial period on our Facebook page. This would be your opportunity to post any pictures you have of you and your bike, rides you have participated in and get to know some of the current members. If you are local or near another member, participating in Club rides is necessary. This will give you and us an idea of whether we all would be a good fit together. It would give us a chance to see your bike, what kind of rider you are and make sure your intent on joining the Club is for the right reasons. We are a family first Club, family comes before the needs of the Club. After a period of time the First 7 members (International) or chapter Executives (Local) will do a vote on your acceptance into the Club. If accepted you are required to adhere to all the rules outlined in the Members Handbook. We are particular regarding our Club and will only vote in new members that we believe will actively promote our Club to the motorcycle community and shed a positive light on our Club for the community as a whole. Current members can personally vouch for new members which can shorten the probationary period. Upon acceptance a one-time membership cost is required for the Club patches, $300 Can, shipping cost not included. This would include your one piece back patch, MRC patch and the octagon patch for the front. All back patches remain the property of Chozen Breed MRC as per the membership rules. Name tag patches are an additional $10 Can/US each, including shipping. Chapter and executive tag patches are paid for by the Club. Hats, shirts and other merchandize are also available. We do not keep any profits obtained from the patches or merchandize, we are an Alberta Canada registered non-profit club, we donate any excess funds to charity, no members receive any compensation for their services. 


Membership inquiries directed to:

Outside Alberta, Canada:

Inside Alberta, Canada:


We are a family of brotherhood and sisterhood, we are NOT an outlaw club, we are not a 1% club, we claim no territory, we are non-affiliated, we respect all motorcycle clubs for what they stand for so we would appreciate the same in return and we are totally NON-PROFIT.


Membership is open to men and women 21 or older. We are motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide who come together to embrace Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Honor, Loyalty and most important Respect.


Members Handbook / Rules


1. Must own a bike. Must be an active rider.


2. To change how we recruit new members there will be a screening process by existing chapter executives. (First 7 Member , President) There will be a prospective period to determine compatibility with the Club.


3. All members shall respect one another at all times.


4. Members shall respect all other clubs.


5. Membership will be considered to anyone male or female over 18 years of age.


6. We are a registered Non-Profit club, no money will be used for any personal gains. 


7. When wearing your vest with the Chozen Breed Insignia, members are asked to be respectful in public as we are law abiding citizens.


8. To maintain a Chapter in your area, there must be at least 5 fully patched members, no exceptions.


9. Only the “First 7” members may open and close Chapters. There would have to be cause to close a Chapter.


10. All members organizing or attending a charity and or fundraiser event must be active at the event and be respectful.


11. Chozen Breed Motorcycle Riding Club is NOT an outlaw club, we are a 99% club which means we are law abiding citizens. If you do not understand the difference between a 1% club and a 99% club please ask.


12. Titles and Executive positions are completely voluntary. Members will be approached by One of the First 7 about offering an executive position and its responsibilities. Executive positions will be offered to those who earn it and do not ask to hold an executive position. When there is enough people to form a chapter in any given area, the First 7 will select the chapter President. That new President then can select his executives: Vice President, Lieutenant, Road Captain and Tail-Gunner. The responsibilities of these positions will be explained.


13. No member’s personal and or private information shall be released to anyone without that members permission.


14. Under no circumstances is a member to break the law while wearing and or sporting Chozen Breed insignia and or patches/colors, if found doing so membership may be terminated.


15. Chozen Breed will never request Club Dues and or Club fees from its membership. One time charge for membership to the Club ($300). The Club will then provide Club patches only for the one time charge and they remain the property of Chozen Breed MRC. Refusal to return Club property upon request will be treated as theft of Club property. A replacement fee of $300 will be required to replace lost or damaged Club patch sets. Club patch sets distributed only through the Mother Chapter.


16. If an already patched member ( rider ) has a spouse who does not ride but rides on their spouses bike and wishes to become a patched member, may do so on approval of that chapter or a First 7 member.


17. All personal issues are to be kept off the clubs pages.


18. Only posts relating to the club, club matters, and club pics only to be posted. (all pages will be cleaned up). This includes all NON Club related materials. No soliciting.


 19. Cannot be an active and or participating member of another motorcycle riding club and or motorcycle club unless approved by the First 7 members.


20. Chapters wishing to add rules within their chapters must be addressed to the Mother Chapter for approval, chapters are not allowed to make or have their own bylaws without permission.


21. If a membership is withdrawn or terminated, that former member is to no longer wear Chozen Breed MRC Club patches.